Gold Cross Tattoo Co.

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Also listed in: Downtown Johnson City

214 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN, 37604, US

Phone: (423) 262-8257


Gold Cross Tattoo Co., located in downtown Johnson City, is a distinguished tattoo studio known for its artistic excellence and commitment to quality. This studio has earned a reputation for providing a professional and welcoming environment where clients can bring their unique visions to life through the art of tattooing.

The skilled tattoo artists at Gold Cross Tattoo Co. specialize in a variety of styles, ensuring that every client's individual preferences and ideas are met with expertise and creativity. Whether patrons are looking for intricate designs, traditional tattoos, realistic portraits, or custom artwork, the artists at Gold Cross dedicate themselves to producing exceptional and personalized results.

The studio itself is designed to ensure comfort and cleanliness, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Clients are greeted with a friendly atmosphere, and the artists take the time to consult with each individual, discussing ideas and providing guidance to ensure the tattoo experience is as collaborative and satisfying as possible.

Gold Cross Tattoo Co. is not just a tattoo studio; it's a place where art and personal expression are celebrated. The dedication to quality and client satisfaction has made it a trusted name in Johnson City's tattoo scene, attracting both locals and visitors seeking top-notch tattoo artistry in a professional and caring environment.


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