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Also listed in: Jonesborough

123 East Main Street, Jonesborough, TN, 37659, US

Phone: (423) 913-8000


Noelle Seasonal Decor & Gifts Galore, located in Jonesborough, TN, is a charming store that offers an array of seasonal decor and unique gifts for every occasion. The owner, Marty Glasgow, opened Noelle in 2004 with a vision to help people create homes that reflect their personal style and stories. Beyond offering a wide selection of decor and gifts, Noelle also provides free decorating classes, allowing customers to learn new skills and apply them to their own spaces​​​​​​.

The store is situated at 123 E. Main Street, and it prides itself on its community involvement and commitment to helping customers find joy in every season of their lives. Whether you're looking to update your home decor, find the perfect gift, or learn new decorating techniques, Noelle offers an inviting atmosphere filled with inspiration and creativity​​​​.


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